Hand Sewn Treasures

I wish I had more time in my life to learn how to needlepoint and do embroidery.


I recently found these miniature shrines called “détentes.” Détente means “relax of strained relations or the easing of tensions.” They are found throughout Europe and Peru.


Vintage détente purchased in an antique shop in Peru.

Vintage détentes purchased in an antique shop in Peru.


Embroidered Vintage Towel Linens by Iviva Olenick, an artist from Brooklyn.

Iviva Olenick embroidery on antique fabric


Modern Needlepoint Designs.

Peacock Modern Cross Stitch

Found these on Etsy.


Love the needlepoint pillows that Jonathan Adler is doing.

Jonathan Adler Multi Waves Pillow

Jonathan Adler Blue Chevron Pillow

Jonathan Adler Kissing Giraffes Pillow

Jonathan Adler Pink Junior Letter Pillow

I think our next offsite for my office will be at Purl in Soho. We can learn how to needlepoint, do embroidery, and knit. So fun.

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