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Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with looking your best!  There is a very funny story behind my first encounter with the Bar Method, which I don’t even think my friends at my Bar Method studio know about. 

As any fashion designer knows, having a celebrity photographed in one of your designs is a huge bonus to add to your credentials, it can even have the potential to make you as a designer.  I basically hit the jackpot, when Drew Barrymore was photographed along with Cameron Diaz celebrating Drew’s birthday in Hawaii.  Drew, having the time of her life and showing off her amazing new bikini body, just happened to be wearing my one of my signature styles – a sexy bandeau with a gold ring and scoop gold ring bottoms!  After those photographs were featured on the cover of every tabloid, Drew Barrymore thanked the Bar Method for her great new body.  

The Bar Method was a huge new fitness craze in LA that all the celebrities were using to get in shape and be bikini body ready!  When I first read about it, there were no Bar Method studios on the East Coast.  Well, guess what happens?  A few months later, I receive a promotional post card for a new Bar Method studio opening up right in my town!  Of course, I had to pop into the studio to see what this revolutionary new workout was all about.

Not until I went, did I realize that this combination of Pilates, yoga and traditional gym moves, would become my favorite work out ever.  It has the great power to take all your cellulite away!  I am one of those people who could be a size 2 and still have cellulite but, thanks to the Bar Method, it is almost all gone. 

Right now, I am expecting, so I haven’t been to the “Bar,” as everyone calls is.  There is no doubt that as soon as I have my new little one, I will be back in my Bar Method studio getting ready for summer bikinis. 

One word of advice for Bar Method beginners – don’t get intimated!  It will take you a few classes to get the moves right but all the instructors are great.  You’ll find that everyone in the class is super fit but, trust me, in just a short few months you’ll be just as a fit and you’ll feel like a regular!